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28 August 2015 @ 02:51 pm

It's been a while since I've posted anything "proper" - both in my lj and tumblr.

School just started August 19th and I've been so stressed because I was scared of starting school after having a great three-month summer break! It was long, fun, and memorable so I was sad to see it go. I might post a video or some pictures when I feel like it.

I'm already in my 5th year of college so all of my classes are now in the 400-levels and they're all Accounting classes (eep!). So far, I've been doing good in my classes and I'm enjoying it more than I expected. The amount of work that I have to deal with is no joke though! IF I pass this semester with flying colors, then I would be able to head on to my last semester next year~! HOPING I CAN PASS!

Work didn't start for me yet. Since it was summer break, we also had a break from work. I am dying to get back to work so I can save up to go somewhere this Winter break (Preferrably Japan).

There are some cosplay events that I will be attending this October and November but I haven't started working on my costumes yet! I also need to buy the wigs when I get money. >.< I will be going as Ariel in the blue gown/dress in October. I'm hoping that I will be able to make this dress because as of now, it's not a priority. I see this event as more of an almost-Halloween event rather than a proper cosplay one. That will also be my Halloween costume if I ever need it this year. Izayoi Sakuya (Komajou Densetsu ver.) for Day One of The November Event and Kotori Minami or Umi Sonoda (Uniform ver. or Maid ver.) for Day Two. Having to find time to create these costumes will be stressful for me! >< But I MUST do it.

I think that's all for updates now. I MIGHT post vacation photos/a video from my vacation. I'm also thinking of making an Arashi collection video/post in the near future. When I'm not stressed out. Shingeki no Kyojin live action movie and Kenshin live action movie reviews soon too! bahaha~! So many plans. Tata for now!

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02 January 2015 @ 03:57 am
First of all, (belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone reading this!
I have mentioned last year (in my journal), that I'll go to Japan on December of 2014. Since then, I've saved up my allowance, got a job and saved up my salary to be able to achieve that dream trip! I didn't spend any money on Arashi goods, new clothes, and any other material things I'm interested in. (I only spent for food xP)
Fast forward to one year later and I'm back writing this to inform you that I managed to save enough and did go to Japan! And what's more amazing than seeing Arashi live as a Christmas gift to myself?! Yes! Not only was I able to go to Japan, I also watched the Digitalian Concert in Tokyo, December 22, 2014. And I must say, it was worth the travel and spending! I was there from December 18-24 (Yes, I travelled back home Christmas Eve! It was quite an experience!)
On another note, this is also the first time I'm travelling somewhere other than where I live and Philippines (my home country). Who would have known that Arashi would be the reason as to why I went to Japan?! As a fan and lover of the Japanese culture, I definitely didn't think I would be able to go to Japan because of them!

That said, I'll share some photos I took during my trip to Tokyo! I hope you enjoy! :) (*Note: A very Arashic compilation will be waiting at the end of this! So keep reading xP ) Captions will be AFTER each photo.

IMG_6928Let's start off with an airplane shot, shall we? From Guam to Japan, it usually takes nearly 4 hours (3 hrs and 50 minutes to be exact). But since we used our miles to travel this time, of course the airlines had to have a catch. So we had to have a stop-over at Hiroshima for 4 hours! I usually get scared on planes, but for the sake of travelling, I have to get over it. I'm really glad to see a beautiful view from the air and this is one of the shots I took up there! (Photo taken in the air on the way to Hiroshima; View of clouds)IMG_6962
Mind you, I have NEVER experienced/seen snow personally in my life! The dreadful 4-hour stop-over that I was not looking forward to turns out to be (as my mom would say) a blessing in disguise! Above is a panorama shot I took with my phone. :) I wasn't fully prepared for snow, so I didn't want to go out - I was wearing tights and shorts (lol)! (Photo taken inside the airport; view of snow from the inside)IMG_6965
As I have mentioned earlier, I was wearing tights and shorts. (Definitely not snow-friendly) But my dad went out and I was encouraged to do so as well. For the sake of photos! Yes! I didn't last 5 minutes out there! (not even 2 I think lol) My hands were completely numb even though I have gloves to protect it from the cold. I don't regret it, though. The photo above is proof of my first steps on snow! (Photo taken just outside Hiroshima airport; my first steps on snow)
I can feel the Christmas spirit here! It's amazing how I had to go away from home to feel it. Here's an awesome decoration at Hiroshima Airport~ Isn't it cute? (Photo taken inside Hiroshima Airport; Christmas Decorations)IMG_6963
We arrived at Tokyo around 5-6 pm and it took us a long time to find our hotel. But we took a rest to get ready for the long day ahead of us. The next day, we headed to Ikebukuro station and I saw this cute display in one of the stores. The bunnies have little Tokyo Metro logo-cookie-bags! I thought I'd share. :) Ikebukuro station was the main station we took everyday because our hotel was closeby. (Photo taken inside Ikebukuro Station;Echika Store decoration)
First stop - Yebisu Garden Place, Shibuya. YES. I dragged my parents here just to see where the famous HanaDan scenes were taken! I must say, it was worth it. My dad boasts of the beauty of this place till now to his friends and co-workers. And he's not exaggerating! Here's a photo of the restaurants/shops that Yebisu Garden Place has to offer. We did take a break and had some coffee in one of those cafes. It was cold out! (Photo taken at Yebisu Garden Place; Restaurant and Shops listing)
Yup, here it is! I wasn't able to take a photo on the other side because there was a bunch of young students taking pics there. :( It's alright, though! I have a clear view of this side. xP (I don't know why it seems like it's in the afternoon in this photo, but I swear it's about 10 am when I took this) (Photo taken at Yebisu Garden Place; Famous Hana Yori Dango spot)

A beautiful giant chandelier hanging in the middle of Yebisu. I believe there's a light show at night using this. This photo does the place no justice. It's definitely prettier and amazing in real life. I'm a fan of beautiful architecture and the buildings around Yebisu would be an inspiration to art-enthusiasts! (*Spot my dad! lol) (Photo taken at Yebisu Garden Place;Eternal Lights Chandelier)
After there, we headed to Shibuya! When going to Tokyo, this is a must go-to place! Since it was our first time, I had to take photos of the crossing before going anywhere! (Again, spot my dad! lol! My mom is here too! xD) (Photo taken right outside Shibuya Station;Shibuya Crossing)
I wasn't surprised that a lot of people were waiting around the Hachiko statue. It was difficult to take a photo without someone blocking it or someone taking a pic with him. As you can see here, even my dad's phone got in the way. Not that I mind, I got a photo of the statue by itself! I am an animal lover and knowing the story of Hachi, I couldn't pass up the chance of seeing the place myself. My mom was actually a whole lot more excited to be there more than I was! (Photo taken outside Shibuya Station, Hachiko Statue.)
As I have mentioned earlier, I am an animal lover. I own one dog and one cat and one oxygen-free fish. yup. So since I have learned about cat cafes, I dreamed of coming to one. I searched online for one that we would be passing by on the way to Harajuku and I saw this - Hapineko Cat Cafe. The fee was quite high for a 30-minute stay, but I paid for all three of us anyway. By the time we arrived at a cat cafe, we were exhausted. So it was a great way to have a cup of coffee and relax from the walking at the same time. The cat in the bowl was my favorite. xD (Photo taken at Hapineko Cat Cafe; Cats)
We found a place where we can eat lunch for cheap while we walked our way to Harajuku. This photo above is by NHK, which I did not know we were going to pass by! This was on the way to Yoyogi park. We didn't actually go through the park because of the time constraint, so we just took pictures of what was around the park. Just imagine these trees when Spring comes along! They're not Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Trees because I can tell from a close look. Still, just imagine it! How beautiful would this place be?! I'd like to come back again! (Photo taken by NHK Studio on the way to Yoyogi Park, Shibuya; View of walkway to the park)IMG_7114
After passing by Yoyogi park from the outside, we walked to Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine. We arrived about 3:30 or nearly 4:00 pm. The walk going inside was LONG. By the time we walked halfway through, we heard an announcement that the shrine will be closing and everyone is adviced to leave. :( (Photo taken at Meiji Shrine; Entrance to the Shrine)
Well, at least we got to get some photos of the trees, a small spring, rocky walkway, and some sake baskets. Again, spot dad! He looks so impressed and interested) (Photo taken inside Meiji Shrine; Barrels of Sake wrapped in straw)
When we left Meiji Shrine, we saw this model having a photoshoot. He looked like a Kpop star and the staff looked like a mix of Korean and Japanese. We weren't allowed to take photos, sadly. I wasn't able to sneak in a shot as well. Boohoo. (He was hot. xD) Anyway, we walked to rest at Harajuku Station before heading to Takeshita Dori and the model was still working there, going on with the photoshoot. When we had enough rest from the long walk, we continued our way through Takeshita Dori. I went shopping for a scarf because mine was thin and it was FREEZING. So I bought one from WE-GO and also stopped by DAISO because - cheap. I saw some girls who bought Digitalian goods go inside the store and were buying uchiwa materials - so I ransacked the store for mine! :) My mom and I ate some Crepe, but I wasn't able to take a good shot at it! :( It was so delicious, I want more while I'm writing this at the moment! (Photo taken at Harajuku; Takeshita Street entrance)
Nothing special, but after Takeshita Dori, we walked our way to Omotesando. It was some high-class shopping surprise! We were actually looking for Kiddyland - it was on the other side of the street! The crosswalk closest to it was closed! >< We needed the restroom and a break from walking so bad we had to look for one! We ended up at Omotesando Hills - a really high-class shopping mall. I have to say, it's beautiful! We then headed to Kiddyland, our last stop of the day. I ended up shopping less than I had on my budget - I restricted myself a lot and I'm glad for that and I'll tell you later why. (Photo taken at Omotesando; Christmas decorations)
We got back to Ikebukuro and went to this restaursnt/ramen shop. Hands down, one of the best meals I've had. Now that I've tasted authentic ramen, I'm not going back to imitation ramen here where I'm from! And the BEST gyoza EVER. I also tried lemon sour, which I thought was not alcohol at the time. xD oops. I liked it a lot! (Photo taken at a ramen shop in Ikebukuro *I don't know the exact name!; Seafood ramen and gyoza)
The next day, it was raining HARD! We actually tried to attend an english mass, but we got lost and arrived when it was finished. We ate breakfast then headed to Tokyo Tower. The crazy cold was too much my hands were numb again! In the photo above, I took a selfie with my phone. Sorry about the mask because I just really couldn't handle the cold on my face. (For some reason, I loved the icy feeling) (Photo taken outside Akebanebashi station; selfie with Tokyo Tower)
Lo and behold, Tokyo Tower. Up close and personal! Why bother go to the Tokyo Tower when there's Sky Tree? It's a personal reason - back in high school I acctually designed a T-shirt for the Japanese Culture club. I used the Tokyo Tower and drew it in a different way than normal. It had a Japanese-art feeling to it. Guess what? I won! And my T-shirt was bought and worn by most Japanese Culture Club members at school! (There were a lot of them!) So, proud of my artwork, I HAD to see the place that inspired my artwork at the time. The end result? It did not let me down. (Photo taken at Tokyo Tower; View from down-up of Tokyo Tower)
Do I need to say more? When I saw some photos online, I thought I would be able to take a photo of my ENTIRE feet in the middle of the glass. WRONG. Seeing it in person, it was SCARY. (Photo taken at Tokyo Tower observation deck; viewing platform)
Another one and this time, I was able to stand on the bars better. Only because I saw this girl about my age - jumping on this and it assured me it was safe! XD (Photo taken at Tokyo Tower observation deck; smaller viewing platform)IMG_7304
We planned on going to Akihabara and Odaiba, but since my parents were tired and it was raining hard, I asked them if we can just go to Tokyo Dome and get my concert goods so I won't have to line up in the morning of concert day. So we did. As I mentioned earlier, I'm glad I restricted myself from buying a lot at Kiddyland - I ended up buying my mom some goods that would be useful to her as well. This is the only photo I took there and it was inside a cafe - after buying the goods. We wanted to wait until the rain stopped, but it seems it only got worse the more we waited. So we just went home. (Photo taken inside a cafe at Tokyo Dome; Tokyo Dome City Attraction)
This photo was not taken the same day as the rainy day, but I don't know when exactly. x'D It's a decoration outside Ikebukuro Station near our hotel. I thought it was pretty and well made. Very artsy, so I'll share! (Photo taken outside Ikebukuro Station, West Exit;Owl art)
The next day, it was clear! Thank goodness, because we were going to Disneyland! This is the first time we step foot in Tokyo Station, and it's amazing how it has been around for 100 years! I'm glad to have been able to go there! (Photo taken inside Tokyo Station; Tokyo Station anniversary ad)
Yes, Tokyo Disneyland! I don't have a proper photo with Cinderella's Castle because the lighting was bad and it was showing dark in pictures. :( So here's a selfie when we took a rest and unexpectedly, it was by the route for one of the Christmas parades! (Photo taken inside Disneyland; selfie with Cinderella's Castle)
This photo was not one of the Christmas parades, but just one of their everyday Mickey and Friends one. (I forgot the exact name) I heard music and I ran fast because I somehow knew there was a parade. I even left my parents at a nearby restaurant! One of the workers made me cross the street and I was the last person she let me cross by. I didn't know where to go and there was this huuuge empty space in front of the road. She made me and one family stay there. Front row view = awesome photos. Here are the princesses altogether. Jasmine was in a separate float with Aladdin, Mulan and Ariel nowhere to be found. I'm guessing they're at Disney Sea. :( (Photo taken inside Disneyland; Mickey and Friends parade with Disney Princesses)
All of my friends know I am an Alice in Wonderland fan. I even cosplayed as her and made the dress myself! So I was extremely happy when I saw Alice. This is the only proper photo I had, though. Everything else was blurry or dark. :( (Photo taken inside Disneyland; Mickey and Friends parade with Alice)
Another one of my favorite princesses, Rapunzel! This was a perfect photo of her! That smile and I can even see Pascal! This made me really happy. :) (Photo taken inside Disneyland; Mickey and Friends parade with Rapunzel)IMG_7949
As I have mentioned earlier, after walking a long way yet again, my parents and I decided to take a rest by the sidewalk. Just sit down and chill. Moments later, a worker came to us informing us that there will be a parade in one hour! So we waited in the cold and stayed. This parade lasted 5 minutes, but again, I had a front-row view! The costumes were spectacular! As someone who is interested in sewing, I am inspired by seeing them! (Photo taken inside Disneyland; Santa Village parade with Donald and Daffy Duck)
This is one of my favorite costumes and I'm glald I captured the details on camera! Oh how I wish I could create and design costumes for Disney! (Photo taken inside Disneyland; Santa Village parade with Macaron girls)

Soon after, we went to Star Tours, the only ride we were able to get to try. It was a Sunday, there were a lot of people and most Fast Passes were out. This was the one and only we got. On top of that, all restaurants had long lines so I was going without food and I barely had a drink of water. We planned to go to SkyTree right after the ride. But, because of the circumstances, after the ride, I felt sick. It made my head hurt and I wanted to throw up. But I haven't had anything to eat. So we headed to SkyTree. When we went there, I was extremely grumpy because my head hurt. The concert is the next day and I was worried I won't be able to make it. Restaurants were full and so we chose to eat at the food court where I ordered - takoyaki. Wrong choice. It tasted raw to me and I only had one piece to make me feel more sick. So we went back to the hotel without going to the observatory. I got a free pin from the food court so that was good. I didn't have to buy souvenirs. xD Aaaand at the hotel, I threw up. I think I got sick because I was dehydrated and the ride made me sick. If I ate something before riding that, I would have done business at Disneyland itself. xD Ugh.
Concert day! My parents dropped by at LaQua and I walked to the Dome on my own. I almost didn't take a photo of this guy here! DigiKun! I was at Gate 20, Row 22. I saw ALL of them so CLOSE. Riida even did the peace thing for me! I think the fanlights took my attention away from the boys a lot, though. They were all amazing in person as they are in the screen. I have to say, I would do it again if I could! >< My dream came true! (Photo taken outside Tokyo Dome;Arashi Concert Sponsors with Digikun)
Our last full day - Fuji-san Tour! I booked a tour with JTB Sunrise for a one-day tour of Mt. Fuji. Our about $80 payment per person was worth it! They took us around Mt. Fuji so we saw a lot of angles of her. This photo above was from the visitor center, our first stop. (Photo taken inside Mt Fuji's Visitor Center; Information about Mt. Fuji)
Lunch was included in our payment and this is what they served. Hot Pot! I didn't think I would be able to try it! Trying authentic hot pot from Japan is one of the things in my bucket list and this was unexpected! On a plus note, it was delicious! (Photo taken inside a restaurant in front of Lake Kawaguchi;Hot Pot lunch)
Look at that scenery! I thought seeing pictures online, that I wouldn't enjoy the actual experience. Once again, I'm wrong. I completely recommend everyone going to Tokyo to take this tour. Or any tour that goes near Mt. Fuji. It was amazing! Beautiful! Words can't describe the beauty! (Mt. Fuji view from Sengen Taisha Shrine;Mt. Fuji)
Here's a different point of view - a bit closer to the mountain. Can you see the snow/ice by the side? I'd love to see that view again. (Photo taken from First Station of Mt. Fuji;Mt. Fuji)
This was the view when we had our lunch - Lake Kawaguchi. Need I say more? (Photo taken at Lake Kawaguchi; Lake Kawaguchi)
The last stop of our tour was Sengen Taisha Shrine. When we arrived this newly wed couple were having a photoshoot. I could only take a photo from behind. The Mt. Fuji tour overall, was worth the price. We went to a lot of places and had great food. The tour guide was also friendly! So again, I definitely recommend them! (*Not sponsored in any way) (Photo taken outside Sengen Taisha Shrine; newly wed couple)

That was my trip overall! The last day was dedicated to travelling to Narita and shopping at the airport. We departed at night and arrived home 2 AM Christmas Day. :)

As promised, here are some of the Arashi-related shots I took! I have a lot more, but these are the ones worth sharing!
One of my favorite JAL promotions close and personal! <3 (This was taken at Hiroshima Airport before we left to Tokyo; Sakumoto JAL ad.)
Outside Ikebukuro station, being a bar area, I wasn't surprised to see this huge billboard up. This was the view I was always seeing after leaving the station. What a view! (Photo taken Outside Ikebukuro Station, West Exit; Sakuraiba Kirin Ad)IMG_6985
I arrived at the hotel on a Thursday night and I immediately turned on the TV. I was able to watch VS Arashi for a few minutes. :D (Photo taken inside the hotel; VS Arashi screenshot)
Another Kirin billboard. We were walking from Shibuya to Harajuku when I saw this one. (Photo taken somewhere in between Shibuya-Harajuku;Aiba Kirin ad)
And I have mentioned earlier that we passed by NHK accidntally. I didn't even know that was NHK Hall - the venue where Kouhaku takes place! (Correct me if I'm wrong) (Photo taken at NHK Hall; Kouhaku ad)
These ads were in most trains that I took may it be JR or Metro. Of course I had to take a photo! (Photo taken at Metro Subway; Arashi ad)
This one was also taken at the metro. :) A Kirin ad where al 5 of them are in it! (Photo taken at Metro Subway; Arashi ad)

Before ending, I'd like to mention that I have been stressed and depressed about my classes and nowhere near 'feeling the spirit of Christmas.' This trip, changed that. I think the lack of 'feeling the holiday season' is due to the fact that I live in an island where I rarely see people put up Christmas lights to decorate their houses and I see Christmas decorations on the side of the road that are really sad to look at.

That aside, I'd like to say I really enjoyed my trip and I wouldn't do anything differently! It took all the stress and depression away! I might have to save up for another trip! ;)
20 April 2012 @ 11:34 pm
A lot of things have happened since I last posted an entry here. Things that aren't important like: 
  • College started and stressed me out
  • Got my art inspiration back and running! ( I actually got a few paintings done and I'm proud of them! Just need some framing done =P )
  • I watched the first season of Game of Thrones, which is interesting!
  • Few personal problems that I had to deal with =(

I haven't made any new Arashi-related icons since, but I have made other icons for personal use.
I've also been obsessed with the movie Tangled lately! Just recently, actually.
Oh why am I writing this? I guess it's because I need to calm down? Or something.. I've been out the entire day and am now tired. ='(

So long for now~
Gonna watch Sherlock, the UK series. <3

28 December 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Okay, so I've been away from LJ for a while. But everything has been so hectic! I don't even want to make any fanfics atm but I did make some icons of the 5 oh-so-awesome people you guys know I'm addicted about. I won't post them yet though. Not until I make MORE. =)
Anyway, Christmas passed! Yaaaay! Merry Christmas everyone. And what does that mean? Of course how could a fangirl like me forget that it's Aiba-chan's birthday Christmas eve? ;D
Happy Birthday Aiba-chaan!
So yesterday, I ordered some Arashi goods to add to my so little Arashi-collection-soon-to-be-Johnny's-collection.
Yes, I decided that since I'm kind of an Hey!Say!Jump!, Kanjani8, NEWS, (etc.) fan, why not collect stuff of them too?


speaking of Kanjani8: OMG! I didn't know that they went to GUAM! D: I would've stalked them wherever they went! >_<
Arashi when is your turn?

Something happened to me while I was driving today that angered the hell (and not to mention scared the hell out of me)..
I was in a four way intersection going home ( I was with my mom and my older sister) and I was waiting for my turn to cross the street (what kind of description is that). The two other cars in front of me ALMOST crashed into each other. One stopped and the other that was coming my way, made a turn that ALMOST hit my car! And he was using one hand to drive and another with a cigarette outside the window! I seriously had to honk my horn for a long time with what happened! >_< It scared me! I mean I only have a permit to drive, not a license! I almost opened my window to curse at that guy, but the honk was good enough. =)

This is kind of a long post o.o; Full of random rants. xD
So anyway, I will be posting the icons soon. Hopefully I remember to post them since they're my second batch of icons.

Till next time ^^
18 July 2010 @ 12:06 am
Angel Beats characters
Kuroshitsuji Sebastian & Ciel
13 July 2010 @ 05:40 pm
I have been thinking on buying a Wacom tablet for YEARS already. And it's just impossible to do that. The tablet I want is a Cintiq 12wx and it costs ALOT. Whereas if I get an Apple iPad, I can get it for just about $500.  I just want a tablet so bad. =/
The only thing I'm worried about is that.. how do I save my artwork? If I do use an iPad, is there an app that is as 'reliable' as Photoshop?
I guess I'll just observe for now.. Check things out online and when iPad is availabe here in my place, which I think it is, I'll check it out myself.
13 July 2010 @ 03:25 pm
My first ever purchase. Though, I got it on the 9th, I'm posting late. XD This is for my personal record anyway, soooo~

Beautiful days~ I really love MatsuJun's hair for this one. x3 I edited the image originally for my tumblr account. Anyway, yaaay ~
This is the start of a collection~ xD I can already see my wallet burning. T_T
23 June 2010 @ 02:08 am
I made my first 5 icons! yay! Though they are simple. Sorry.

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21 June 2010 @ 10:02 pm
I have decided, because I feel that the first icon I made of MatsuJun is successful, that I will be making more icons in relation to Arashi, or even the other JE guys. so...Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! Please look forward for them!
18 June 2010 @ 02:55 am
This is towards my respect and also Thanks to the subbing teams out there. making fans who can't understand the language enjoy.
This is not a little rantCollapse ) Please continue on working hard. Thank you again.